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  • Loup 2 Loup Open Road Race Giving Back To Local Organizations

    On August 8, 2013, the 2nd annual Loup 2 Loup (L2L) Open Road Race asked its surrounding communities to help with the race that runs the 12 miles between Halsey and Purdum and back again. Just like the year before they came forward to help in so many ways. Some gave their time selling T-shirts and cooking breakfast while others sat along the course and kept watch on the road to keep the drivers safe.

  • New Event for 2012: Loup 2 Loup Open Road Race

    Ten miles west of Dunning on US Highway 2 sits the village of Halsey, Nebraska. Flowing past the village on its south side is the Middle Loup River. Twelve miles north of the village rests the even smaller community of Purdum, with the North Loup River running past it.