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  • Car & Driver of the Month: Todd Grantski

    Driver Name: Todd Grantski • Occupation: Entrepreneur • Where do you live? Utica, NE • Years attending SORC? 12 driving and 2 watching. Navigator Name: Dylon Grantski, last four years. Kerra Grantski two years prior, and Alan Kortmeyer before that for many years. How did you learn of the SORC? Alan Kortmeyer. What is your main car for this event? 1996 Mustang Cobra. Why did you choose ...  Read More...

  • Car & Driver of the Month: LeRoy Uhrig

    Driver Name: LeRoy Uhrig • Occupation: Ford Tech • Where do you live? Pierre, South Dakota • Navigator Name: Jeff Preston • How did you learn of the S.O.R.C.? From a phone call on a Friday afternoon from my ol pal Dave Graves while he was at the Corvette gathering in the Black Hills - Apparently he was having an adult beverage and stumbled across a couple of what turned into some good friends. • What is your main car for this event?...  Read More...

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