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About Arnold, Nebraska

Arnold, Nebraska, is more than just a location for our Sandhills Open Road Challenge, it's a great commuity. Visit the Arnold website to learn more about the community around the SORC. 

Family Friendly Open Road Race

With unmatched hospitality, the people of Arnold and Custer County look forward to each August to welcome new and returning drivers. SORC veterans declare that the event is America's most family friendly open road race.

All entry fees and sponsorships revenue are donated to a worthy local projects to improve public services, community improvement projects and local scholarship funds. To date, in only nine years, the SORC has donated in excess of $450,000 to such projects.

Entry Process

Please visit our How to Enter page to learn more about the entry process and waiting lists for our event.* We will begin accepting 2015 entries the first Monday in October which is October 6, 2014. SORC life members' entries are also due October 6, 2014. Entries must show valid postmark.

*Pending approval from the county boards.


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    On August 8, 2013, the 2nd annual Loup 2 Loup (L2L) Open Road Race asked its surrounding communities to help with the race that runs the 12 miles between Halsey and Purdum and back again. Just like the year before they came forward to help in so many ways. Some gave their time selling T-shirts and cooking breakfast while others sat along the course and kept watch on the road to keep the drivers safe.

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Arnold Housing Reservations

For housing reservations in Arnold, contact Della Dailey.  Click here to send Della an email.